Prof. d-r Bobi Ivanov


Bobi Ivanov, (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) is Professor of Integrated Strategic Communication in the Department of Integrated Strategic Communication at the University of Kentucky.

He studies strategic message design, consumer behavior, and strategic communication. He has primarily taught marketing, communication, research, and strategic communication related courses in number of different departments/units.

His main research interests concern social influence (persuasion and resistance) and message design, processing, and retention. Ivanov’s theoretical work focuses on the study of inoculation theory, images, and attitudes and their composition, hierarchical structure, and function as applied in various contexts including commercial, health, intercultural, instructional/educational, interpersonal, political, and risk/crisis management. His scholarship has appeared in numerous presentations, books, book chapters, and top tier journal publications such as Communication Monographs, Communication Research, Human Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Health Communication, Journal of Public Relations Research, Communication Yearbook, and Journal of Applied Communication Research, among other. He has also worked as a Market Research Analyst at Consumer Data Service (CDS) and Insight Market Research and Consulting (Insight).

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