Prof. d-r Bostjan Zalar

  • Senior High Court Judge, Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia (2004 →),
  • Ad hoc Judge of the European Court of Human Rights (2010 →),
  • President of the International Association of Refugee and Migration judges (IARMJ-Europe, 2018-2020),
  • Member of the Editorial Team within the EASO-IARMJ-Europe project on development ofthe core judicial training materials for judges in the field of Common European Asylum System
  • Past Co-Chair of the Working Party on Asylum and Immigration of the Association of European Administrative Judges (2006-2011),
  • Professor at the University of Ljubljana (2007 →), Lecturer at the Legal Clinics on Refugee Law, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana (2001→),
  • Elected member of the Council of the European Law Institute (2012-2019) and
    coordinator of the project: "Detention of Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrants and the Rule of Law" (2017)

The most recent publications:

  • (Vida Judiciária, 2019) “The Future of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU in the Area of Asylum and Return of Illegal Migrants”, Issue Sept./Oct.
  • (Hart Publishing Oxford, 2020) “Impact of Judicial Dialogue(s) on Development and Affirmation of the Right to Effective Legal Remedy from Articles 13 and 14 of the Return Directive” in: Moraru, M., Cornelisse, G., N., De Bruycker, P., (eds.), Law and Judicial Dialogue in the Implementation of the Return Directive
  • (Routledge, forthcoming) “Presumption of Innocence and Its Legal Implications in International Protection Cases on Exclusion Clauses: the European Law Perspective”, in: Serious International Crimes, Human Rights, and Forced Displacement, Edited by Simeon, James.

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