Prof. d-r Nikos Xypolytas


Nikos Xypolytas was born in 1979 in Athens and works as an Assistant Professor at the University of the Aegean who specializes on migration and labour. He studied Sociology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (2001-2004) and he received his Masters from University of Oxford (2005) in Economic Sociology. He completed his PhD in Greece at Panteion University, (2012) and looked at the consequences of migrant domestic work on the familial and social relationships of migrants. He teaches Sociology of Migration at the University of the Aegean and has taught at Panteion University (Greece), at the University of Cyprus (Cyprus) as well as private institutions of higher education in Greece and abroad. His academic focus is on the reproduction of migrant labour and his recent research activity looks at refugees’ long processes of marginalization which
undermine their future social position in host countries.

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