Biljana Đorđević


Biljana Đorđević is an Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Science, Department of Political Science where she teaches Contemporary Political Theory, Culture of Human Rights, Political Culture and Political Order, Political Philosophy and Gender Issues at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She obtained her M.Sc. in Political Theory Research, from the Hertford College, University of Oxford, England with the thesis “The Immigration Contract” and PhD in Politics from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade with the thesis “The Problem of Constitution of the Body Politic in Democratic Theories”.

Her scientific and research interests in the migration field concern political ethics of migration, citizenship and migration, integration policies of migrants, and democracy and migration. She has been engaged in the capacity of adviser and researcher by numerous national and international organizations residing in Serbia to produce strategies, papers and reports on migration management, migrants’ rights and immigrant integration into society. She has been publishing on the problems of boundary in ex-Yugoslav space with an emphasis of refugees, politics of return, ethics of migration, CEE walled states and Serbia’s position within the EU policy of migration flows’ management.

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