Mr. Claudio J. Delfabro


Mr. Delfabro is from Argentina. His academic background is on Political Science and he specialized on conflict resolution in Moscow. It was in Russia where he started his more than 20 years work on Human Rights and Refugee Protection.

He has worked in different conflict areas, including Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo where he developed legal aid programs, legal reform and lead return and reintegration processes of internally displaced persons. In Latin America, he advised governments and civil society on refugee protection and statelessness related issues.

Mr. Delfabro was the first Head of the Protection Section at the UNHCR training centre (the Global Learning and Development Centre). In this position, he was responsible for the international protection training of UNHCR staff and partners globally. His last position with UNHCR was as Head of Protection in the largest UNHCR country operation in the world at the time, Lebanon.

In 2016, he joined the Institute as Director of the Refugee Law and Migration Department. Mr. Delfabro has designed and developed specialized courses on a wide range of international protection topics for governments military academies, international organizations and civil society. He has delivered lectures and conferences in more than 40 countries.

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