Mr. Rudi Osman

SpecialityDirecteur and Porte Parole, Union des Étudiants Exilés

Rudi Osman was arrested and tortured several times for campaigning for more justice and democracy in Syria during the Arab Spring. He was forced to leave Syria and obtained refugee status in France where he continued his political activism by founding Radio Rozana before resuming his law studies at Paris 2 Assas. As a refugee, it was particularly difficult to resume his university studies: the staff and professors were not aware of the needs of students with refugee/asylee background and the difficulty of accessing information on his rights. The administrative complications linked to being a refugee student made Rudi aware of the need to provide administrative, academic, and psychological support to refugees wishing to resume their studies in France. In 2018, Rudi founded the Union des Etudiants exiles association together with friends.

Rudi is also serving as a jury member of the Fondation de France and is a board member of the MENS network.

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